Minectaft Creations – Futuristic House

For this i wanted to see if i could use the cart track as a lift. Alas the tracks wont oay vertically… But, i mde this house from quartz and glass and i love the profile and views it gives.

The shaft goes through the hill the the bottom, im not sure where to take it next, i might carve out the hill… Not sure. Let me know what you guys think.






Simon 🙂

21 thoughts on “Minectaft Creations – Futuristic House

  1. I miss this kind of thing now that my kids have all grown up and left home. I can’t recall them ever having Minecraft, but it probably wasn’t around back then. Your house does look pretty awesome. 😀


      1. It does, that was what I was trying to achieve, a clean futuristic look. I’ve not necessarily finished it, I’m just not sure how to… Oh the torment of creatrive descisions lol

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