Music for Today – Fade to Grey

I remember this track from my youthful days (many centuries ago) and it was features in one of my favourite TV programmes Ashes to Ashes. So in another age defining post:


Have a great Thursday!

Simon 🙂


17 thoughts on “Music for Today – Fade to Grey”

  1. I can’t remember this when it first came out, but I do remember it in Ashes to Ashes – which was set in the 70s, wasn’t it? (I don’t remember much of anything from the 70s besides babies and nappies! I was rather busy during that decade. I remember far more from the 60s – when I was a free agent! Haha.) Thank you for the reminder about Ashes to Ashes, Simon. It was a great series.


    1. I don’t know anyone who didn’t like Ashes to Ashes, it was set in the 80’s it was Life on Mars that Was set in the 70’s.Both of them were totally brilliant.
      It’s funny how times flies when you’re bringin up kids isn’t it? 😉

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  2. so… Life on Mars made it to US TV for half a season. Starred Harvey Keitel and Jason O’Mara. Much to my chagrin, it was cancelled. Much to my delight, they attempted to resolve the story before shutting it down. Found Ashes to Ashes on… can’t remember now, on demand tv? Anyway, we Americans missed out on something special! 😦

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    1. You fid, because thst wasn’t the proper life on mars. Both this and ashes to ashes were pieces of tv work thst were totally brilliant and ine on a million. Ill see if i can find some of it on youtube and post it. I would have also thought you could buy the dvd sets on amazon, whatever the cost it would be worth it! 😀


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