Cluck Cluck – The Chicken House


We’re lucky enough to have a big garden, beg enough to section off an area of some chickens. The eggs you get are better than any you get for the shops and they’re fun to watch. They’re totally stupid but seem to have a skill in escaping and finding holes in your fence. After we got more chickens and their hut was always wet, I decided to make them a new house – this is the stages of the new chicken house being built:

IMAG1728 IMAG1733




Simon 🙂


28 thoughts on “Cluck Cluck – The Chicken House”

  1. That’s quite a feat, Simon. Your new chicken house looks excellent, and I hope your chickens appreciate your efforts on their behalf and will repay you by not trying to escape!We had chickens in our last house, and really miss the eggs. Our present garden isn’t big enough. Our neighbours had chickens, until a dog got into their garden last year and killed a few of them. Very sad – their little girl was heartbroken.

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      1. It seems a hole is just too tempting for a chicken to ignore. They just want to know what’s on the other side! Perhaps the holes call ror some wire netting treatment or something.


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