Minecraft Creations – Spooky Castle

So this is another creation I made for the big castle world, I wanted a place where there could be monsters to grapple with without being too close the the main castle.


From the deck of my ship, I can see a castle at sunset…


Getting closer….


Its spooky and there’s monsters…


Do you dare go inside?

Simon 🙂

Dark Horizons Part 4 – Aftermath

This fourth part of the Dark Horizons story is the final part that deals with the aftermath…

Some time passed after the New Horizons flyby, on the whole things went back to normal. Eveyone had soon decided to get on with the original job, no one dared discuss the events of that day. Anyone that even alluded to it was met with critisism and told to shut it. No one wanted those people back and to be under scrutiny again. It seemed everyone treated it as a massive secret.

Many of the people couldn’t come to term with what had happened and disappeared, there were the odd random conspiracy theories posted online about a huge spacecraft discovered by the New Horizons probe. With no evidence to back this up, these were dismissed as another crack pot conspiracy theory. One of the most notable disappearances was Sarah. Serveral months after the flyby she had told Henry that she was going to visit some university friends in Chicago. Henry suspected she was going to take her stolen data to them so it could be analysed, he warned her not to. The discussion turned into an argument and she left in a bad way. Sarah never arrived in Chicago – her car was found deserted on a remote country road. A police search failed to find her and eventually she was listed as missing.

Henry tried to find the official called John Hanson and failed to locate him. For a long time no-one would respond to his questions. It was only when the state governor involved that that he was told “No one knows about John Hanson”

Henry insisted “You must, I’ve met him and I think he knows about the disappearance of my colleague”

“The man isn’t being protected – he simply doesn’t exist” Henry was told. With no futher clues to who he was Henry abandoned his attempts to find him and Sarah. He regisned his post, bu always wondered what really happened that day and all the days after. In hi dreams he never forgot the huge battered hulk of a spacecraft he and everyone else saw that day. Sometimes he wished it had been his worst nightmare.

New Horizons didn’t finish at Pluto – it went onto explore objects on the furthest reaches of the solar system… whatever they were.

© Copyright 2015

Simon Farnell

All rights reserved

What were you thinking?

This is the video of a chimney being taken down after two failed attempts to implode it with dynamite. Now, I’m not judging in anyway, this guy had a job to do and to say he smashed is un understatement. But did no-one think at any point this might have been a bad idea?


Have a great day all – I hope it’s a good day for you, if not, just think about this guy and maybe your day won’t seem as bad…

Simon 🙂

The Ashes of Dead Stars

“We are literally the ashes of long dead stars” said Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees. But what does that mean?

I apologise now, I’m going to get technical and anyone who has done chemistry will recognise this, if you hated it you will groan:

Yup, it’s the periodic table… with a difference.This picture of the periodic table (from Wikipedia) shows the elements, but highligted by their process of creation.

I’m going to take two examples, firstly Carbon (C- Top right ), important to us as we are Carbon based life forms. The highlight shows us that this was formed as part of the process of a star living and dying. The next one is Gold (Au – third line from the bottom, somewhere in the middle) this element is created then two neutron stars collide or when low mass stars die .

Just stop for one minute… think about it. Now stop before your brain implodes like mine just did. WTF?!!? The atoms that formed me came from a star that was dying and giving off carbon, I came from a star like Betelguese.

The ring on my finger, the metal used to make it was flung from a dying star as it tore itself to pieces. Or when two neutron stars collided (or when a star explodes apparently)in a process that if I was there (I couldn’t but bear with me on this) would have destroyed me completely and utterly into component atoms and then destroyed them… If the gold on my ring could tell a story, what would it tell me? It’s so incredible that it’s almost beyond comprehension.

One of my favourite comedy’s Blackadder had an episode where Lord Percy tryed out some alchemy to make dold and ended up making green…

Bless him… not even he could comprehend that in order to succeed he would have to destroy the Earth and the solar system to make gold. I hope I haven’t mangled your brains too much, but I really had to share this.

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The Owl



Last night was my fist ever encounter with an Owl. I’ve heard them before but I’ve never handled one and they’ree always very elusive. So it started when I was driving home and there in the middle of the road was Owl, not being able to stop in time – I ran over him. Shit – Fuck I was cursing. I had run over and Owl.

I went back as I have driven over him rather than my whells running him over if you see what I mean. I wasn’t hopeful and most birds that go through this come to a rather sticky end. Anyway, to my surprise he was alive, although I didn’t think he would be for long. He was a little Owl, just like the little fella in the picture. There really isn’t much of them, theyre mostly feathers. Anyway, thinking I would take him hom to spend the night in the warm I put him in a box and a few minutes later I was home.

I thought this would be his last night, he naturally didn’t seem very active and I naturally thought he was dying. So I was surprised when getting out of the car that he flapped about and tryed to escape. Not so hurt then I was thinking to myself, so I picked him up and perched him on my fingers and held him out, waiting. He looked at me with his big eyes, perched for a minute or so, flapped away and was gone.

This was a precious experience and one I hope I will never forget as it was so special to hold such a beautiful and secretive creature for those few moments.

Have a great day all!

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed to picture, found on Google.

Waves of Destiny #Blogbattle

This weeks blog battle word is Arrival, once again it’s blog battle time, it’s a weekly competition run by Rachael Ritchey 


  1. 1000 words max
  2. fictional tale (or true if you really want)
  3. PG (no more than PG-13) Content – let’s keep this family friendly!
  4. Your story must contain the word(s) from the theme and/or be centered around the theme in a way that shows it is clearly related
  5. Go for the entertainment value!
  6. State the Genre of your story at the top of your post.
  7. Post your story on Tuesday, by 11:59 PM PST
  8. Use the hashtag #BlogBattle when tweeting your story, put a link back to your #BlogBattle Short Story in the comments section of this page, and/or include a link to this page in your own blog post (it creates a “ping-back” which will alert me and our friends to your #BlogBattle post)
  9. Have fun!

Each winner will receive this awesome #BlogBattle Winner Badge to display with their winning story on their webpage.


The beginning of my story, like all the best ones is a story that wasn’t planned or expected. It was purely circumstance and it starts with a party. There was a group of people around the table, smoking, drinking, laughing and crying. I was among the other bottles in the case and a man reached down and pulled me out. He pulled the top off and in a few minutes my purpose was done. I was thrown into a bin and left.

It was early the next morning when a slight hand, with decorated nails pulled me out. The had was wet with tears, I was hurriedly washed and dried a roll of paper was slipped into me and the end sealed with a cork. I was then taken out into the outside, the young woman walked onto the deck to the back of the ship. The sun was just rising and the young woman dressed a beautiful but well worn gown stood there for a few minutes, staring at the rising sun as tears rolled down her face. When she was ready, she drew her arm back and I was thrown into the sea.

I landed heavily into the wake of the ship, for a few seconds I was submerged in the bubbling whiteness of the wake. When I surfaced, I could see the young woman standing there watching, she had no way of telling if I had surfaced or sunk. That was it… all I could do was watch as the ship sailed off, I was just a piece of irrelevant rubbish, left behind. I had no idea what was written on the paper, and all I had for company was the waves. For many days I floated, alone, the odd fish came to examine me, but quickly lost interest. In my time floating there were many creatures that came close to me, a shark once showed a fleeting interest but for most of the time, it was just me.

Once day the clouds darkened, like a great wall they came towards me, the winds blew up and the rain started falling. the waves grew and their power increased. As darkness fell flashes of lightening lit the sea, I was tossed and thrown all around and I was sure I was going to be broken but I held strong. In the distance some lights were closing, closer and closer they got until the shape couldn’t be mistaken, a ship was coming. It was then that it came, a monster of a wave smashed into the hull and launching me forward and away from the now stricken ship. It’s hull was smashed, and in a short time the ship was listing. Some of the crew escaped on some rafts just before the ship broke in half, the stern was so flooded is vanished almost instantly. The bow rose up, groaning under the strain and then fell to the side and was gone.

For some days I was tossed about, the storm continually battering me, sending me who knows where until finally one day the winds died, the sea calming and soon I was once again on calm and peaceful waters. Once again I was left for so long, winds came and winds went, my path and destination left to the forces of nature… or the gods. Seagulls flew overhead, their calls reaching out across the water. They settled around me on the water, sometimes pecking me to see if I was anything tasty for them. They came and went as the waves rose and fell.


One night, on the light waves of a calm sea, I landed. The waves washed me up and up, then suddenly I was still. Half embedded in the soft sand, the sea washed around me and held me there. I had arrived back on land, I wasn’t even floating, now I was just waiting. Waiting for what, had I come this far to be thrown into a bin? Was there more?

In the morning a the bark of a dog could be heard getting closer and closer. The suddenly a little girl picked me up and ran with me.

“Mummy, mummy, look what I have found!” The girl handed me over to her mother.

“Wow baby, you’ve found a bottle with a message in it!” The mother replied

“Open it mummy! What does it say?”

“Lets have a look.” The mother pulled out the cork, and shook the bottle to remove the message. The mother unrolled the slightly damp message, she stood there for a moment, reading it. A tear rolled down her cheek, composing herself, knowing her daughter couldn’t read it she passed it to her daughter. Who looked over it with glee.

“What will we do with it mummy?”

“I have an idea” The mother replied, “come on, let’s get home we have to get a few things.”

Later that evening, the mother sat down and sipped a cup of tea, looking over at the message, framed and mounted on the wall and the candle, placed inside me and lit to shine on the message, the cork tied with string around me. That is now where I spend my endless days, a lowly beer bottle that became a family treasure.

Copyright 2015 Simon Farnell

No ownership claimed on images.





I’ve been thinking about perspectives. Not the drawing perpectives but more about how we percieve and process what’s around us. What kicked this off is discussing with a fellow bloggie (who I’ve now forgotten who they were – bad me and bad agin mind) about getting flashes into the future.

The way it works (in my mind at least) is that I get a flash in my mind of a snapshot of an event, for a while I can remember it but then it’s gone. When I reach that moment that the snap shot happened, suddendly it comes back to me. It’s happened only a few times in my life, but I can remember these instances very clearly. These instances were not very memorable moments so it’s interesting why they have stuck in my mind.

At this point I start to wonder, what if the way we percieve time is not how it works? We imagine it to work in one direction, going forward, becasue we have created instruments that tell us what the ‘time’ is from a human percieved time system, but what if it moves in ways we can’t percieve. How would we know? Just as we cannot ‘see’ UV or Infra red light and becasue we can’t hear untra high or low frequency sound, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist, we know they do, because we use them or create them every day and we have instruments that tell us so.

So what if events don’t actually happen in time as we understand? Do they kind of ‘leak’ bit outthat we can grasp in a finite moment or something else? I don’t know, it’s all weird for me. But one thing I do know, is that when we consider the phenomena thatwe get tantalising glimpses of, like the paranormal, or the weird things we would swear we see or hear or ‘imagine’ there is far more to percieve in the physical world than we can ever understand – and that’s kind of big really.

Sorry for the ‘out there’ random post. It was somehting I had to write as it was bothering me…

Simon 🙂

Minectaft Creations – Futuristic House

For this i wanted to see if i could use the cart track as a lift. Alas the tracks wont oay vertically… But, i mde this house from quartz and glass and i love the profile and views it gives.

The shaft goes through the hill the the bottom, im not sure where to take it next, i might carve out the hill… Not sure. Let me know what you guys think.






Simon 🙂