Daily Quote

They make quite a noise as they pass... Simon 🙂


Monday Funny…

Ever felt like you're being played??? Have a great Monday all. Simon 🙂

Chocolate Swiss Roll

As I've decided to make a Yule log this year, I thoughr I should learn to make a Swiss Roll. I was concerned this would be a disaster, butr in fact was quick and worked well. Ingredients: 3 Eggs 75g castor Sugar 60g Self Raising Flour 20g Cocoa Powder Line a 8" x 12"tray with... Continue Reading →

Dark Horizons Part 4 – Aftermath

This fourth part of the Dark Horizons story is the final part that deals with the aftermath... Some time passed after the New Horizons flyby, on the whole things went back to normal. Eveyone had soon decided to get on with the original job, no one dared discuss the events of that day. Anyone that even... Continue Reading →

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