Autumn Hues

Autumn is here and when walking the dogs this really shows. The fallen leaves, and mottled reds and yellows tell us the year is drawing to it’s end.





Have a great Sunday.

Simon : -)


23 thoughts on “Autumn Hues”

  1. So beautiful! We don’t have autumn where I am but I love the colors! I went to boarding school in Connecticut and the walks this time of year were breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures!

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      1. Actually, I lived in Kodiak, Alaska, which is on the same horizontal line as the U.K. It’s very misty there and a lot like England in that respect. It doesn’t get the extreme temps that northern Alaska does.

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      1. I’m full of good ideas. If I was over there, we could go for a walk, but seeing as it’s a bit far you’ll have to settle for someone better lol 😉


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