Big and Stupid Statements

The UK is Colder than the Arctic – That’s a good one, we have three centimetres of snow and that’s the front page news – do you really believe this? Because I think you’re talking utter rubbish. So of course in summer time it stands to reason that in summer the UK is hotter than Spain, Greece or Rome. Hmmm… were these places suffering a wet day at the same time? Some of the outlandish claims made in papers are so plainly the result of their journalists not finding something else more interesting and turning a lost dog story into something about the dog being found by a Mars lander probe or something.

Another one I like is when unemployment is said to have fallen. This would normally be because powers that be have changed the way they measure it… again. I also notice how it goes up and down depending on unfolding political events…. like elections for example.

I heard it once said that the only thing you should believe in the papers is the date – sometimes they get that wrong though.

Nowhere are these kinds of dumb statements or descriptions more widely used than in products. Particularly food. Here’s some examples:

Line caught fish – We don not have thousands of fisherman line catching the fish for the supermarkets. If you do, they’re from a far away country and therefore has gone off on the trip here.

Low fat cakes / puddings – Really? Let’s have a close look. Yes, compared to lard it is low in fat.

Extra tasty Cheddar – Thanks for the salt guys…

The problem with today is that sensationalism and making things look or sound better are considered to be not only a good thing to do but necessary in order to make things look interesting or attractive to buy. Look at what’s happened to Volkswagen recently, it’s the same thing. Making something out to be better than it actually is. Finding our way through the minefield of lies isn’t easy, but often using a few of those ever greying cells can help us to see beyond the veil.

Have a great day all – have fun and be careful!

Simon 🙂

5 thoughts on “Big and Stupid Statements

  1. I just said to my mother today that they even label stuff with “glutenfree” which has not gluten naturally… like milk products. The do it in order to make people buying it. It is also more expensive. And guess what? They buy it!


      1. Nope, me neither. We had a thing in the UK some years back where someone was selling Salmon (I think) and they said it was from a Loch in Scotland… that didn’t exist.

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