Sunday Baking

This morning i felt like i wanted to bake. I started with some cookies insired by fellow bloggie Claire.


Those sharp eyed among you, will see theyre slightly over done. But damn delic.

Next were the two victoria sponges, one for us and one to impress work. Dont salivate over this too much (im not looking at you Kristin) and i apologise for typos, tablet typing is pretty naff.


I hope you guys like a bit of cake and are inspired to bake something.

Simon ☺


39 thoughts on “Sunday Baking”

  1. That cake looks like it’s waiting for me to reach in and take a slice! 🙂 I’ll share a secret: I once missed a class in college because I set up to make a victoria cake. Didn’t even realize it. Have no regrets! 🙂

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  2. Wow it looks delicious! I wish I could get up one morning and randomly decide, “Well today I want to bake / cook things!” – a lot of food motivation in here… Like just Bake it! 🙂

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      1. Lol that too, but instead of using a lot of sugar, you use other forms of sugar like honey – a lot healthier. And it is possible to bake without flour too!

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