Toothpaste and Tissue Paper #Blogbattle

I read a tweet last week that a good writer could make cleaning your teeth sound great. So in a hopefully surprise twist I’m going to write a story about cleaning your teeth. Whether it’s good or not is up to you guys. This is of course for Rachel Ritchey’s Blog Battle, huge thanks to the boss πŸ™‚

“Go and clean you teeth Will” Mum called to him again. Was it the fourth or fifth time that he had been told to clean his teeth.

“OK mum!” Will shouted back, he didn’t want to be told again because mum would start getting mad now. Reaching for the purple toothbrush, Will carefully squeezed out a stripe of the cool blue paste over the bristles of his brush. He pulled the tap up and wet the brush, then stopped it, then lifted the tap again. He did this several times watching the water swirl down the plug hole. He always liked watching the water disappear like that. He scrubbed his teeth a few times, pulling the brush as he gripped it with his teeth. A long dribble of watery paste dripped down into the sink and was washed away with the water.

Will brushed his teeth a little more, making sure he reached his back teeth and looking at himself in the mirror while he brushed. Will pulled a funny face, scrunching his eyes and nose up. Then he stood there and gripped his toothbrush again waggling it up and down with his mouth. As he swung the toothbrush up he tried to make it touch his nose, but he couldn’t quite make it.

Will slipped the brush out and spat out the white gooey mess into the sink and watched it spin round and disappear down the hole. Will took his toothbrush and made swirly patterns with the paste on the mirror. After a few minutes he stood there and admired his work. Thinking he should clean it off, he stood there an wondered how. With a little tissue he wiped the mirror, but the tissue fell apart with the wet and made the mess worse. In a blinding flash he thought he could use the water from the tap. A handful of water wasn’t enough so turning the tap on full he squirted the mirror and most of the room with an uncontrollable jet of water. He finsihed and turned off the tap, the mirror wasn’t quite clean, but it would have to do.

“C’mon Will haven’t you done yet?” Called his mum “I hope you haven’t made a mess!”

“Coming Mum, no I haven’t!” Will shouted back, beating a hasty exit Β he shut the door behind him.

“Right, lets see those teeth” Will grinned bearing his teeth as he felt a dibble of water at his feet.

“Well done Will, it’s bedtime” Grinning to himself Will followed his mum. Saying nothing about the mess otherwise he might not get his two chapters of Gangsta Granny. During his sleep Will would swear he heard a screech… but he didn’t wake up.

Copyright 2015 Simon Farnell


54 thoughts on “Toothpaste and Tissue Paper #Blogbattle

  1. πŸ˜€ That’s great fun, Simon. I love the details — he loved watching water swirl around down the sink, the shredding of the tissue… Great take on the “reach” prompt. I can’t wait to see all the ways our fellow writers use this one.

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      1. I did write one this week. There were so many choices for “reach”. I was THIS CLOSE to writing a Western. πŸ˜‰ Mine’s up on my blog but not sure it’s on the battle page yet.

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      1. Long work hours then more to do after so we don’t get home until late- the it’s all about the kids until they lay their heads down- but the night still doesn’t end for this mama bear :)) can we just hit pause? I hear you about the odd crap getting thrown in!

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      2. I thought I was being too cheeky there Kristin. After I sent it I thought, mmm maybe I should have. But if you like that, who am I to stop? lol
        Ill see you soon I expect gorgeous, keep smiling babe πŸ™‚

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  2. Hahaha delightful read, oh it works alright ^_^
    I must confess to having done something quite similar.
    Why or why does toothpaste fall off the toothbrush so easily but where it lands mirror, sink, floor, (…clothes)
    It instantly changes into some super epoxy raisin wannabe its hell to remove *scream*


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