Not much to write here, a collection of my sunsets.






Simon ☺


51 thoughts on “Sunsets”

      1. Sure, like every day… lol! Clients in the afternoon, birthday party of a friend in the evening, blogging of course, and between cleaning up the guinea pig’s enclosere (if that coungs… lol) 😃

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  1. All gorgeous. Sunset used to be my favorite time of day. It might still be but I don’t get to see a lot of sunset views in NYC (no excuse)
    My favorite is that scene in #2. That’s the kind of landscape that inspires poetry 😀

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    1. Hey ya, im good Charlie. Its been a ehile since we spoke, ive been budy reading and writing… And working. Thanks for your kind comments, there are more to post. I hope youre well my friend. I still have an award from you to do, im hoping this week. Catch ya soon ☺


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