Minecraft Steve’s Long Dark Walk #BlogBattle #Writers


“Great – I’m back where I started” thought Steve. It was night and he had spawned back into the Forest where he started. Looking around he tried to work out which way to go to get back to the house. Turning left he hurried through the trees, keeping a watch out for any of the monsters that come out at night. The groan of a zombie had him worried that he might be caught sooner than he expected, but seeing nothing he kept going. On and on through countless trees he ran. His thoughts turned back to how he ended up here. He had found a good seam of Iron Ore as the darkness has started setting in, foolishly he had kept mining then on the way back fallen from a cliff running from a creeper.

“Is it my Imagination” he thought to himself “I’m sure the trees didn’t go this far last time.” The trees began thinning “any moment now there should be the sea” Steve said quietly under his breath. It was then that his worst fear was realised – he had gone the wrong way and had reached the desert. Looking out onto the plain before him a large group of monsters, everything from creepers to zombie pigmen were strutting about the place.

“It’s a good thing I don’t have to go across this” He said to himself. Steve was annoyed that he hadn’t realised sooner that he had been going the wrong way, now he had a far greater distance to cover. Turning around and making fast tracks back the other way. Two zombies had spotted him and made their sombre walk towards him, but they they were too slow to keep up. Rushing back the way he come he swerved as he came across something living, this time it was only a cow. He had now reached the place where he had spawned, without stopping he passed the site as two spiders jumped out of the dark. With a sharp chomp one of them bit him, his health dropped to half, but he didn’t stop.


He started recognizing where he was now, there was the signs were he had been mining only the day before. Looking ahead he could see the lights of his torches glowing around his house, feeling elated and that he might actually make it, Steve slowed as he approached the house. Looking through the thinning trees he could see the sea and the dark shapes that were squid jumping about in their random pattern. Finally he caught a glimpse of the house and his heart sank. There was a group of monsters outside the house, a skeleton a zombie and a few zombie pigmen. Steve was going to have to get past them to get to his house and food which he needed desperately now as he was hungry and his health was very low.

Making a run for it, Steve ran out of the trees. Running past the skeleton and narrowly missing his arrow, both the zombie and the zombie pigmen groaned and started walking towards him. The door to the house, was getting closer and closer. He was nearly there when he could see it was wide open, realising he must have left it open before he went off the day before. “Good” thought Steve “I don’t need to open the door” in Steve bolted, turning sharply he closed the door as the monsters gathered outside. Steve allowed himself a smile as he poked fun at the monsters, now not able to harm him. He turned around and there before him, oh no! Creeper!


23 thoughts on “Minecraft Steve’s Long Dark Walk #BlogBattle #Writers

  1. A clever idea. 🙂 I don’t know much about minecraft, but I followed the story, being that I’ve played a few other games in the past, and they all seem to have evils like creepers. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you liked the idea, for those that play Minecraft this is something to relate to, so others like yourself who’ve not played it may not be able to relate to it as well.
      The thing with creeper – they creep up to you and when they get close they explode.

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    1. I play minecraft with my son and the story was inspired by a recent game. But at odd times a creeper as turned up a house, its usually met with shock and the need to run before it blows up 😀


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