The Encouraging Thunder Award

Good evening everyone! This is another nomination I have had from the lovely Charley from the booksandbakes1 blog. Just so you know Charley my last post was my 50th and that of course is dedicated to you 🙂 Thank you for this nomination, I quite like this because it's about my blog(s) and how they came about.... Continue Reading →

The Summer Book Reading Tag

Hello lovely Bloggies! I was nominated for this by the lovely Charley from the booksandbakes1 blog. Go and look up her blog and make sure you read it and love loads of nice comments because she's lovely and deserves lots of credit for her blog as she works hard on it in the little time she has (like... Continue Reading →

Scorched Planet – Part 2

As David stood there. looking out over the terrain, the storm started calming. It was eerie, like the eye of the storm was passing over him suddenly. The terrain became more visible and he could now make out more detail. He looked up, the quieting of the storm gave way to the sounds of his... Continue Reading →

The Fire of the Dragon

My wonderful friend Erika Kind nominated me for this award and I'm so honoured she did. I've been pestering her and generally taking up her time and it's good to know that this friendship is valued. Thanks Erika, you really are a wonderful person. You really need to see her blog if you haven't already, with... Continue Reading →

Perplexing Pluto

I love space stuff and the Pluto mission has been something I've watched with great interest. So whe I saw this I had to share it. It's amazing what we can do really. See the full article on:

The Scorched Planet

It was never an easy task going for a walk onto the planet's surface. Today was even worse as there was a hurricane raging outside, and had been for weeks. This walk had been put off numerous times because of the weather but it couldn't be put off any more as the data buffers were... Continue Reading →

One Liner Challenge

I was nominated by Beaton to this one liner challenge, what I have to do is real simple, add a single line to this story (and on a not entirely unrelated aside I must say some people have really weird minds)  My line is at the bottom of the post in italics. Chapter 1…THE BEACH It was... Continue Reading →


This is blog post 42. 42 is a very significant number for me - it's the answer to life the universe and everything according to Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Most of you now are thinking that I should be confined to a darkened sealed room and left for a while to heal... Continue Reading →

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