Apple Crumble – my way

I love apple crumble, it's quick way and one of my favorite puddings. I also find it annoying that recipe books state such small quantities to make a small pudding. So here it is my way. Peel 4-6 large cooking or Bramley apples. Cut them into pieces and cook in s pan to reduce with... Continue Reading →

The Pastry Book Tag

This tag was created by Aine & Writing on a Vintage Typewriter. I’ve been lucky enough to be tagged by the Charley on the Books and Bakes blog. Thanks for this Charley, I'm very grateful as this is the first nomination I've ever had. Although it's taken me some time to get round to this I hope I've... Continue Reading →

Two Steps from Hell

A few years ago I started hearing some very powerful, epic music starting to appear in drama and trailers for series like Dr Who. A small amount of digging revealed to me that some of this music was coming from 'Two Steps from Hell' whoever they were. I hadn't heard of them before but after listening... Continue Reading →

Washing the Car

Washing the car is such fun. We can't get enough of it. All that great foam covering the car then bring sprayed off. Let's not forget that dad needs a wash too *as I'm slayed with the jet wash* Simon 🙂

Chilli with the family – A different perspective

While cooking the dinner, which bairns to be chilli. I used a jar of Homepride sauce. These were the instructions: Now I don't know about you, but I won't be enjoying this' with family' in same way I'll be enjoying it 'with rice'. Maybe these guys have slightly macabre intentions 😀 Simon 🙂

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