Component References – Combining Detail and Sensibility

It's necessary to have a good strategy for component references in place when designing PCB's. The fight for space on a PCB means more and more designers are stuck in a tug of war between including and not including component references on the silkscreen. This is the conclusion I've come to recently, while designing a... Continue Reading →


Jaffa Cakes

I was shocked - there were people alive that didn't know what a Jaffa cake was!!! So for all those poor uninformed folk who have led a sheltered life - this (picture above) is a Jaffa Cake. The kinda weird, hard but soft sponge forms a base for the Jaffa jelly covered in chocolate. There... Continue Reading →

Oblivion – What did I think?

I loved Oblivion it's a story with twists and turns. Full of big, powerful imagery and the sound track was amazing, it's a real SciFi gem in my opionion. The pictures I've put up on this post (found on google image search) show some of the start imagery the film uses, the broken moon, ruined cities... Continue Reading →

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