Minecraft is brilliant! My son has been playing on Minecraft for sometime now, he’s been watching the Stampy Cat YouTube channel and he’s really into it. For the first time I can say he’s showing a real interest in something. This is causing other problems with homework and the like, but let’s gloss over that for now.

I’ve looked at him playing on it on my tablet and I’ve not really understood too much about it. Until a few days ago when I bought him the Xbox 360 version of the game and have sat there watching him play it. ( Well, he’s actually insisted I play the game with him) Wow is all I can say! If you don’t know much about it, look it up. I’ve been hearing about adults as well as children entering the Minecraft world and i can see why. You can create your own world out of what are mainly blocks of different materials, you can make lakes of water and lava, you can make tools, beds, weapons. You can hunt or grow your food and cook it. There monsters to look out for like creepers, zombies, huge spiders and the like. The sun rises and sets about every 15 to 20 minutes, it rains and snows. It’s like real life lived in a creative way in a virtual world.

What I found really cool was that I could build a house underwater or high in the sky, suspended on nothing. The Minecraft world is one of creative imagination, the possibilities are almost limitless. I find that when I play the game with my son I’m limited too much by time and to some degree my own imagination. But I’ve done some pretty cool things, not as cool as my son of course who has learned from Stampy how to make portals to the Nether world and how to find and defeat the Nether Dragon. Seriously, it keeps getting better as you discover the other layers within.

Why am I selling Minecraft like this? I don’t have shares, believe me. But, the the creative person out there looking for something different, I would give it a try. My son has never been into anything for very long – weeks at best Minecraft has captured his imagination and it continues too, you never know you might curse me later because it might capture yours too.

Simon 🙂


The things that make me happy


After the 10 things that annoy me, I thought I should balance it with the things that make me happy.

1) My children happy and playing well.

2) Spring buds and flowers.

3) Morning sunshine.

4) Technology that works.

5) Music.

6) Animals, watching them or stroking them.

7) Going to a sandy beach.

8) A fresh coat of paint on the walls.

9) Love and faith.

10) Laughter.

These things are uncomplicated and need no explanation

The Things that Annoy Me



These are the 10 things that really annoy me – and why.

1) Being stuck in traffic – Is there a bigger waste of human life? I do feel for those affected when it’s an accident though.

2) Security Checks – Your bank calls you and the first lines out of their mouth are ” I just need to run a security check” Grrr… you called ME!!! I sometimes put them through security too.

3) When you come home to a family riot in progress. Enough said.

4) Scams – It seems like out of every 10 offers you get these days, 8 of them are a scam. Please stop it. I’ve earned my money or whatever, it not yours don’t try and steal it. Harsh I know, but that’s what you’re doing.

5) Other people in cars – Listen, I’m the best driver on the road, stop annoying me (ok this is a bit tongue in cheek. But you get the point).

6) Technology when it doesn’t work. There’s nothing worse than the timer symbol telling you to wait.

7) Technology when it does work – but not as you want. Listen, I bought you, do what I want you to do.

8) Customer service desks – you call up company x and are sent on an adventure of different departments. I just to talk to someone!!!!

9) People being horrid to each other, why? I mean seriously… what is the point?

10) Ungratefulness, need I say more. I tried my best, if it’s not enough… whatever!