Minecraft is brilliant! My son has been playing on Minecraft for sometime now, he's been watching the Stampy Cat YouTube channel and he's really into it. For the first time I can say he's showing a real interest in something. This is causing other problems with homework and the like, but let's gloss over... Continue Reading →

The things that make me happy

After the 10 things that annoy me, I thought I should balance it with the things that make me happy. 1) My children happy and playing well. 2) Spring buds and flowers. 3) Morning sunshine. 4) Technology that works. 5) Music. 6) Animals, watching them or stroking them. 7) Going to a sandy beach. 8) A fresh... Continue Reading →

The Things that Annoy Me

  These are the 10 things that really annoy me - and why. 1) Being stuck in traffic - Is there a bigger waste of human life? I do feel for those affected when it's an accident though. 2) Security Checks - Your bank calls you and the first lines out of their mouth are... Continue Reading →

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