Approaching 40



The title says it all really…

It’s only a few days away. Am I nervous about it? Afraid? Or not happy about it? Nope, I welcome it!

Do I wish I was young again? Of course I would! Preferably about 30 certainly no younger than 25. I have no wish to go through those growing pains again.

I know of lots of people who have crossed this threshold of life and many of them being quite down about it. But why… be grateful you have got that far if nothing else.

Let’s be clear on this though, I’ve not made it yet, and I have no wish to jinx anything. But I’m looking forward to it, in 10 years time my children will be adults and I may even have grandchildren (hmmm, there’s a thought). Looking back isn’t going to make me younger, but looking forward and doing my best to grasp the future and make the best of it is all I can do to enjoy life of which I only get one!

I’ll let you all know what it’s like when I get there 😛