My new adventure

I want to write stories and publish them… Problem is I’m scared.

So what is there to be scared about? Well this is where the chimp in my head has a lot to answer for. I’m scared I might be crap, I’m scared my might be good but not appreciated and no one will want to read my stories. This is all irrational stuff I know, I’m going to write my stories, hopefully lots of them. I don’t care if no one likes them. Its something I just need to do.

So watch out, soon I will start a new blog which I hope is going to raise interest and well the rest is whatever happens.

Live long and prosper V

Simon 🙂


The smart watch is wrong



The ‘Smart Watch’ is wrong and in fact isn’t smart at all. In fact the real Smart Watch is old. Let me explain…

The whole working principle is the problem. The Smart Watch on it’s own should at least be able to give time without the phone, in fact a good deal of the features should be independent, otherwise is’t a dumb watch. I don’t need a watch to give me yet more stupid notifications from Facebook or telling me when someone’s calling me, that’s my phones’ job and it does it well.

The Smart Watch should be able to tell the time as a Smart Phone makes calls. Then I want it to do be a timer, stop watch and the like. Sure ask it questions is cool and useful but not Twitter notifications. Maybe it could help predict when I’m getting Flu from my body temperature. It needs to stand alone as a device and be it’s own thing. Until this comes true, the Smart Watch (as well as other wearable working the Smart Watch does) is doomed

Last year I bought a Sony Smart Watch similar to the type you see in the picture above. The idea was it connected to your phone and from your phone would tell the user the time, and various updates from all kinds of apps. I would rarely connect with my phone after a week of using it, so it didn’t tell the time and didn’t give updates. I got rid of the damn thing.

Back in the 90’s we had watches that could do all kinds of things as well as tell the time. All we needed was a Smart Phone or computer to connect to and do something intelligent with those features. So why has the watch gone backwards? Bring the 90’s watches back and let them be their own thing with the added advantage that it can connect to the big world outside it. That would be smart.

PCB Mechanic