Innovating your life

  Innovating in our lives can make life interesting and maybe change it for the better. Life can be get boring when facing the same problems time and again, doing things in the same way that we've done countless times before. Changing how things are done and new ideas is the cornerstone of innovation, applying this... Continue Reading →


My son

  My youngest son is 8, (nearly 9) he's bright, can solve problems in an amazing way, he's brave and isn't afraid to speak out, he's naughty too (nobody's perfect). I admire him... I think he is what I would like to have been when I was 8. He has courage and an enthusiasm I... Continue Reading →

The Problem Perspective

  The world we live in is large, amazing, terrifying and wonderful. We are so small by comparison and when problems get to us we can forget this. I've found recently that my perspective on the problems in my life needed to change. I've been going through a rage of numerous problems for some months... Continue Reading →

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