We are often reminded of the limited time we have on this Earth. We have many distractions to use up our time like work, and sleep that are needed to survive. These forever keep most of us mere mortals from concentrating on the things we consider important. There isn’t much we can do about this, we need to take those moments in life that will never be recorded and hold dear in our memories. These moments are what we live for and are like finding little gems in a heap of Earth, valuable and unexpected.

How we perceive time is also interesting, for example ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ says that we think time passes quicker when we ‘re enjoying ourselves. ‘Time is the fire in which we burn’ was used in Start Trek Generations when Dr Soren was telling Captain Picard that his time was running out. Science fiction is frequently playing with time in intricate and clever ways, all of which is fiction of course but our imagination can play these games with time in exciting ways.

Time is an unusual thing, it’s something we have ‘invented’ to help us work out when the sun will rise and set and to help us navigate us in our travels. We never have enough time and yet somehow seem to waste so much. Time costs money, and has an impact on how we do things big and small. Time is something we perceive its passing yet if we think about it – time does not exist.

Simon 🙂



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