The Media – My view (Part 1 of what could be many)

So, the British media is so proud to have caught the little slip from the Duchess of Cambridge, apparently and unwittingly revealing the gender of her (and Prince William’s) unborn child.

Well done you! Pat yourselves on the back you…. grrr… So you have ruined it for the nation you selfish w*****s. Honestly… have you learned nothing from Diana, leave them alone. In face leave the world alone. I know what you’re going to say about freedom of speech and telling the nation about everything and putting the fact straight. So what?

Sure, I know there are stories that need to be told, but of the 100’s of stories in a typical newspaper, the top one’s are covered in your competitor’s, there’s a ton of useless drivvel which is merely the opinion of someone who is clearly only got half the facts and some of those are wrong, the stocks and shares and the date (you sometimes get that wrong too).

My problem is that you spout on as if you’re educating us and yet so often your stories are either wrong or more or less ficticious and then you go on about the morals of politicians. Really? I’m sorry, the media’s morals are so corrupted that it has no place to comment on that one. I can only think of all the trees that would be saved without newspapers and the added bonus that our lives wouldn’t be polluted with all the crap. Our lives would really be so much better.

So thank you again, for ruining the surprise for all of us and for just being such loud mouths. I mean you couldn’t do this to anyone else, people are allowed to have privacy and be able to make a mistake without it being shouted about.

My one hope is that this is a ploy to misdirect you… I would find it so funny and just thinking about the vast amounts of egg on your face makes me laugh!!!

*My views on the media is very likely to return*