The best spent 10 pence

A couple of years ago we got a new tv. Everything about it was ok except the sound, which was pitiful because it just wasn’t very loud.

The solution to this came from an unexpected place. In a jumble sale I found and old pc surround sound system. I asked them how much for this? They asked for 10 pence. I obliged them this huge sum ( haha) after an hour or so of sorting out wires n stuff and finding a jack cable ( I have a house full of junk), I had a tv with a thumping sound… immense!

All I need to do now is stop them breaking the damn thing with their WII controllers! Duhh…

Me – The beginning…

OK, so I’ve toyed with the idea of writing blogs for some time now as I think about things in life and my mind thinks of stuff in it’s own twisted and surreal way.

There’s nothing I like more than a good debate with questions, strange ideas, answers and more questions. It can take the mind on a journey that you never expected. So this is my first deranged scribbling You can expect many more to come over a whole range of things…. I speak my mind, it has to be said. I don’t intend to hurt or insult anyone who has the unfortunate burden of reading any of this crap… if I do I apologise in advance.

I hope that for my scribblings are amusing, entertaining and who knows, maybe even educational. Keep a watch out, you never know what will come next! 🙂